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About Goku (The Dragon Ball Manga Series) - Chapter 5

In my case, I feel that it isn’t good to fit too important history. I suppose Goku and Bulma are representative of that." He further added that" as a child, Goku doesn’t know anything (of the world), so without Bulma, he’d be a character who didn’t say anything.

"Toriyama also mentioned Torishima wanted Goku to form a relationship with Bulma, but this was noway applied to theseries.With the conclusion of the Cell bow, Gohan was intended to replace his father as the promoter, but Toriyama latterly decided that Gohan was infelicitous for therole.

According to Toriyama, Goku is further of a selfish person than a idol as his main interest in the story is to fight strong opponents rather than guarding the innocent. As a result, Toriyama was infuriated when the anime acclimations of Dragon Ball started portraying Goku as further heroic than his manga counterpart.

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