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About Goku (The Dragon Ball Manga Series) - Chapter 12

In Funimation's in- house dub, Goku was raised by Stephanie Nadolny as a child in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT, and has been constantly raised by Sean Schemmel as an adult throughout the entire Dragon Ball ballot. Since Dragon Ball Z Kai, Colleen Clinkenbeard has raised Kid Goku for Funimation.

In AB Groupe's dub of the anime produced simply for Canadian and European broadcast( originally also in association with Ocean products and latterly with Blue Water Workrooms),

Goku was raised by Peter Kelamis again and latterly by the late Kirby Morrow in occurrences 123 - 291 of Dragon Ball Z, by Zoe Slusar as a child in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT, by Jeffrey Watson as an aged teen in Dragon Ball, and by Jeremiah Yurk as an grown-up and Super Saiyan 4 in GT.

In Bang Zoom's dub of the first 27 occurrences of Dragon Ball Super produced simply for Toonami Asia's broadcast, Goku was raised by Lex Lang.

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