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8 Most Saiyan Traditions Perfect For Goku’s Routine

Dragon Ball Super's most recent manga chapters shine a light on Goku's connection to his father Bardock and the Saiyan people or characters as a whole.

Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball is one of the biggest anime and manga parcels of all time. There are hundreds of occurrences across the colorful Dragon Ball series, all of which chronicle the heroic peregrinations of Goku as he selflessly gives his all to cover his family, musketeers, and the earth that he holds dear. Goku's heroism noway wavers, but he learns some meaning effects about his history and his people's origins.

Goku's status as a Saiyan has led to his topmost heights and utmost enervating challenges, which are all inarguable corridor of his identity. This humorless look into his history has Goku ready to embrace certain Saiyan customs in new ways.

8. Goku Has habituated Traditional Saiyan Armor

Goku’s Saiyan roots have frequently escaped him, but the recent events of the Dragon Ball Super manga have forced Goku to reckon with his father's conduct in new ways. Goku listens to his father's once battle against Gas while Monaito concludes this reflective experience by busting out some old Saiyan battle armor.

This Saiyan armor was current during the trip to Planet Namek, where Gohan and Krillin made use of it. It’s quite a strange sight to see Goku decked out in this traditional armor and looking more like Bardock than ever ahead. Goku is so important that the useful armor is not likely to make important of a difference, but it also will not hurt for him to turn to a little redundant defensive support.

7. Goku Could Take Advantage Of His Great Ham Transformation

The Great Ham metamorphosis was the ultimate game- changer in Dragon Ball before the more important and effective Super Saiyan form replaced it as the new normal. Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan have all let their Great Hams out in the history, but it's been some time since Goku has taken this approach, largely because he no longer has his tail which triggers the metamorphosis.

Actually, the Great Ham metamorphosis is relatively archaic in comparison to Goku's current battle tactics, but this emphasis on Saiyan origins could help rehabilitate this form. Dragon Ball Super could develop their own take on the Golden Great Ham from Dragon Ball GT and reclaim this metamorphosis.

6. Goku Could make A Base On Planet Vegeta

One of the biggest catalysts in the Saiyans' tumultuous history is that their home, Planet Vegeta, has been destroyed by Frieza and left their legionnaire race as an exposed species. Goku and the rest of the surviving Saiyans have proudly made Earth their surrogate home, but this has also opened the earth up to unanticipated troubles.

There have preliminarily been attempts to revive Planet Vegeta with the Dragon Balls, which could be a helpful change of pace if there are humanitarian intentions behind it. Alternately, Planet Vegeta from Universe 6 is still thriving and Goku could rather spend further time there with their people.

5. It's very likely Goku Make Use Of Battle War Technology

Dragon Ball characters ultimately get so strong that scouter tackle is not important enough to capture their complexity. That being said, there have been casts of other forms of Saiyan technology that were used on Planet Vegeta. The manga for Dragon Ball Super has indeed revealed fresh uses for scouters.

Goku is so practical that it'd make for a welcome shift in style if he espoused some technology to prop him in battles. Bulma is one of the most brilliant minds in the macrocosm, and it's hard to believe that she wouldn't be suitable to upgrade a scouter or any other tool to rise to the occasion.

4. Maybe Super Hero Goku Could Embrace His Instincts & Primitive Nature

Goku does not first learn about his Saiyan roots until Raditz arrives on Earth and threatens to ruin the happiness that Goku's erected for himself on the earth. A major part of Goku's character development is that while he carries the strength of a Saiyan, his disposition is much further reflective of a mortal from Earth.

Goku's emphatic fight against Gas has him heeding Bardock's ancient advice and embracing the ways of his ancestors rather of viewing them as some kind of bolsterer. It's unclear how Goku will eventually overcome Gas' superior strength, but a running proposition is that Goku will reveal a new metamorphosis that is representative of Saiyan ideals. Goku truly opening up to this side of himself could produce power that is indeed lesser than Ultra Instinct.

3. Goku Could Fight On A platoon Of Saiyan soldiers

The Saiyans are a legionnaire race who are blessed with considerable strength so that they can inflict annihilation as one- man armies. still, a common tactic back on Planet Vegeta is for Saiyans to assemble into important brigades who can divide and conquer across the world. This is reflected in Team Bardock, which is made up of a sprinkle of important Saiyans who Bardock leads in battle.

Actually, Goku is hardly antipathetic to cooperation when it comes to bogarting pitfalls, but a certain position of rebranding wouldn't hurt. Goku formerly fights alongside Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, and caddies. still, it'd be quite the sight to see" Team Kakarot" come together as these Saiyans fight as an sanctioned platoon.

2. Goku Could Travel The Galaxy & Visit Other globes

For times, the Saiyans established a notorious character for themselves due to their track record of overrunning and decimating globes for their own selfish purposes. Goku and Vegeta still admit persecution from arbitrary alien races who have been the victims of Saiyan barbarism in the history.

The world still has a lot to learn about the Saiyans, and it wouldn't be ridiculous for Goku to travel from earth to earth to help rehabilitate his people's character. An amusing story bow could feature Goku redeeming the Saiyan name after he learns of Bardock's chivalry and that his people are not each bad.

1. Goku Could Borrow The Final Spirit Cannon Attack

Numerous of Goku's palms are the result of the unique ways he is learned from colorful martial trades instructors. It's fair to say that Goku wouldn't be where he's moment if he did not have energy attacks like the Kamehameha or Spirit Bomb to fall back on. Goku is not lacking with his force of energy pushes, but Bardock has sometimes shown off his own ultimate fashion, the Final Spirit Cannon Attack.

Goku surely has moves that are more important than this, but espousing this fashion would be representational of Saiyans as a whole. The Final Spirit Cannon Attack could indeed temporarily replace the Kamehameha once his Saiyan roots take priority over Goku's surrogate mortal heritage.

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