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10 Shonen Protagonists Better Than Goku, Ranked

 Goku may be one of the most notorious anime characters of all time, but there are plenitude of shonen icons who are more protagonists than he is.

Dragon Ball Z is the archetype of anime, and because of that, Goku has come an incredibly iconic character. Indeed people who have noway seen a single occasion of the series know who Goku is, and to suckers, he's one of the stylish and strongest characters ever.

Goku may be one of the most recognizable Shonen protagonists, but that does not inescapably mean he's the stylish one. His development and personality frequently act as the design for ultramodern Shonen anime to ameliorate upon. Because of major reason, there are several and many protagonists who are more well- rounded than him.

10. Luffy Is A Team Gamer (One Piece)

Luffy is another iconic character from a series that's indeed more popular than Dragon Ball. On the face, he's a typical airheaded Shonen promoter, but underneath it all, there's a lot further to his character than that.

Luffy may be the Captain of the Straw Hat rovers, but he is not hysterical to let the others take charge when the need arises, especially Nami, who knows how to finding the crew where they need to go. One Piece may be each about him, but Luffy is not hysterical to take a backseat to his musketeers, which is presumably why he works so well as the promoter of the series.

9. Midoriya Wears His Heart On His Sleeve (My idol Academia)

Midoriya gets a lot of hate for his conduct and feelings, but that is actually what makes him such a great promoter. He is not hysterical to let his feelings show, which is more realistic than how other characters in anime tend to bear.

He is also incredibly smart, which sets him piecemeal from utmost Shonen protagonists. Most importantly, his empathy and determination make him easy to bed for, which is why anime suckers tend to love him so much.

8. Vash The Strongly Stampede Has Layers (Trigun)

Vash is a veritably complex character who frequently appears to have contending personalities. On the face, he comes off as ignorant and stupid, but underneath it all, he's incredibly intelligent and tortured. His further foolish geste is a mask he wears in order to hide his pain and loneliness, which is why his character is so intriguing.

Trigun does an excellent job at cankering utmost of the Shonen protagonists' homilies by creating a character who appears to fit the Shonen promoter earth but is actually veritably different underneath the face. His character is presumably the most complex in all of Shonen, which is why Trigun is such an uncredited series.

7. Ichigo Is Genuine a native And really Funny (Bleach)

Ichigo is another promoter who seems to have battering personalities. Although he originally comes off as a decadent, he's actually incredibly intelligent and caring. He does incredibly well academically, and he indeed helps his father run the family business, which is not commodity most delinquents would do.

Ichigo's history and the love he feels for his musketeers and family are some of the stylish effects about him. On top of that, he can be incredibly funny, which is why so numerous anime suckers love him.

6. Tanjiro Is The Stylish Big Family (Demon Slayer)

For how important difficulty Tanjiro has faced, it's inconceivable that he still manages to be so loving and compassionate. The way he cares for people is his stylish particularity, and on top of that, he's incredibly good with children.

Tanjiro is the big family everyone would want to have, and indeed though he's incredibly kind, that does not mean he is not hysterical to fight when he needs to. He'll face the most important of foes if it means guarding people, indeed complete nonnatives.

5. Naruto Changes The Most (Naruto)

Naruto might feel like the typical Shonen promoter, but there's a lot further to him than just being a bit of an idiot. He is incredibly compassionate to people, including his adversaries, which is commodity he learned through his rigors. He may have been manhandled for utmost of his life, but people like Iruka allowed him to see that there are good people in the world.

His development from an sacrifice that everyone despises to the idol of his vill was a long time coming and was also incredibly earned. Naruto is not the strongest person in the series in the morning, and the growth he goes through is what makes him so relatable.

4. Kenshin apologizes and regrets a lot and has a lot of regret (Roroni Kenshin)

The stylish thing about Kenshin is how amiss he is. From the morning of the series, he's formerly trying to redeem his once sins as an homicide. He's incredibly softhearted and compassionate towards people, indeed more so than utmost shonen icons . At the same time, he's responsible for the deaths of numerous people.

The struggle between Kenshin's once tone and his present tone is the stylish part of the series and why he's so intriguing as a promoter.

3. Edward Elric Changes His history( Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is one of the stylish anime series of all time, so it makes sense that the promoter would be just as good. Ed may not be an sacrifice, but like Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, he's someone who is made a big mistake and is trying to amend it.

Ed can be arrogant when it comes to his witchcraft capacities, but utmost of that arrogance is earned. He also has one of the stylish loves in anime, which is commodity most Shonen anime do not have.

2. Yuji Itadori Cares About His musketeers More Than Strength (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Yuji Itadori is an intriguing promoter because it seems like his only thing is to help people. It's clear he wants to be a better conjurer but being the strongest is not all that important to him.

Yuji cares deeply for the people around him, and he is not hysterical to put himself on the line if it means his musketeers will be safe. It's egregious he's incredibly talented despite his lower intelligence, and he will surely grow to come one of the stylish conjurers in the series.

1. Ishida Becomes A Better Person( A Silent Voice)

Ishida is one of those characters that suckers have to grow to love, and that just shows how well developed he is. In the morning, he's a bully with zero empathy for other people, and because of that, he becomes ostracized by his classmates.

Through his own suffering, he grows to come a better person, and he is indeed suitable to come musketeers and save the veritably person he tortured. Ishida's trip is an incredibly complex one, which makes him amazing as a promoter.