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10 Shonen Protagonists Better Than Aang, Ranked

 Aang may be the Avatar, but numerous other shonen protagonists enhance their series and impress anime suckers.

Avatar the Last Airbender is one of the best- amped children's cartoons of all time. The story is very good written, and the characters are amazing designed & brilliantly. suckers have accepted it as an memorial shonen anime, though it's technically western vitality.

While Aang is a great character who changes a lot over the course of the series, he is defective compared to other shonen protagonists. As an important the main character of a children's series, it makes sense that limitations would affect his character's growth remarkably. Avatar will always be an inconceivable series, but there are a many shonen protagonists that have Avatar Aang beat.

10. Senku Is really Smart And Selfless (Dr. Stone)

Senku is a straightforward and confident joe who also happens to be incredibly smart. Indeed though he's generally the smartest person in the room, he noway judges people for being less intelligent.

He generally points out other people's strengths and shows how they can use them to profit him. What really makes Senku a great character is his perseverance and frippery. He kept his cool indeed when he was petrified for thousands of times. Not to mention he willingly sacrifices his safety on several occasions because he is not willing to abandon his musketeers.

9. Naruto Changed The utmost( Naruto)

It's hard to believe that the Naruto from the morning is the same Naruto at the end of the series. He changes from an airheaded decadent to his vill's idol and that change is not forced. Naruto trained delligently to come a dependable ninja for his vill and his comrades.

He indeed came a symbol other people could look up to. He also manages to change the hearts of everyone around him, indeed some of his worst adversaries, which is the stylish part of his character.

8. Itadori Cares About People( Jujutsu Kaisen)

Itadori is a strange joe who cares a lot about people. He joins his friend's ghost club so they'd have enough members, and he risked his life to save them before he was strong enough to cover himself.

Itadori shares analogous traits with numerous other shonen protagonists but his heart and amenability to save others set him piecemeal from other characters. Itadori may be the main character, but that does not mean Jujutsu Kaisen is always about him. Itadori can step back and give someone differently the limelight, showing how well- written his character and the series are.

7. Midoriya Works Hard remarkably ( My Hero Academia)

Midoriya is a smart and bright sprat with huge intentions. He's bullied relentlessly for being Quikless, but he noway lets that ruin his unborn pretensions. The fact that he is willing to take theU.A. entrance test while Quirkless shows how determined he's to achieve his life's dream.

Luckily for him, he meets All Might who fully changes the course of his life. still, that does not mean Midoriya becomes a shirker. He still works hard, to match his classmates' chops. What suckers love about Midoriya most is his resoluteness to save people.

6. Ichigo Is Unique( Bleach)

Like numerous shonen promoter, Ichigo is a bit of a decadent. But underneath his scary appearance, he's a caring person who would do anything to cover the people closest to him. He is indeed willing to go out of his way to defend complete nonnatives, which he does in his first appearance when he beats up a many skaters who knock over flowers at a dead girl's honorary point.

Ichigo can be stubborn at times, and he goes into situations without allowing, but his negative traits eventually make him a more well- rounded character.

5. Goku Is The First( Dragon Ball)

Goku is an iconic character who has gone on to inspire numerous other shonen protagonists including Luffy from One Piece. He's the source for utmost shonen homilies, much like the idiot promoter and the character that eats a lot.

While numerous aspects of Dragon Ball Z have not progressed well, especially the pacing, Goku's characterization is still one of the stylish in anime. While numerous strange with the series see him as another strong man trying to save the world, his character has a lot further depth than that.

He's a loving father, friend, and hubby who saves the world because he loves his new home as much as he loves fighting. The selfish aspects of his character are what make him so intriguing.

4. Saitama Subverts Shonen( One Punch Man)

Saitama is an unusual shonen promoter, but that is kind of the point. He is not just super strong, he is principally unstoppable, which is why he uses the idol name One Punch Man. Someone who can master all of their adversaries in one punch should make for quite the boring promoter, but since this series is a caricature of shonen anime, Saitama's adventures are ridiculous and amusing to watch. He ever manages to be the contrary of every shonen idol and exactly like every shonen idol at the same time.

3. Shigeo Is Someone People Relate To( Mob sickie)

Shigeo or Mob Both of the most selfless protagonists in anime. Always He refuses to abuse others with his psychic powers, and he grows as a person rather than in strength ever. He struggles to understand social cues, which has frequently redounded in him lacking real musketeers, but that does not stop him from being kind to people.

He noway holds grievances toward the people who wrong him and tends to be a veritably forgiving person. Shigeo has a lot of the traits that utmost people want for themselves and because of that, he is come a veritably relatable character.

2. Luffy Made Shonen Better( One Piece)

Luffy maybe have been inspired or taken by another shonen protagonist, but he took Everything related those shonen traits and ran with it. He's an incredibly cherished character and for good reason. Not only is he strong and pious, but he's also incredibly funny and intelligent in his own way. For the utmost part, he is simpleminded, but when it comes to fighting he is frequently the most inventive person in the room. Indeed after thousands of occurrences people still love following his story, which just shows how great he is.

1. Eren Changed From A idol To A Villain( Attack On Titan)

Eren has changed a lot over the course of the Attack on Titan and not for the stylish. He was formerly loud and determined just like utmost shonen protagonists, but he snappily demoralized that – now he is more like a villain than a idol. The fact that the changes in his personality are shocking, but also justified, shows how interesing his trip is. numerous suckers have been left wondering who they should be lodging for and that is because of how nuanced the series has come.